Professional coaching to help you reach your goals


"My biggest achievement during coaching was being brave enough to leave a job that was secure, but in conflict with my values. I was able to realise the similarity between an unhappy job and my unhappy upbringing and I was surprised that I hadn't made the connection before and it supported my decision to leave my job. Cornelia helped me feel empowered instead of feeling trapped, identifying learning points and finding a way round the obstacle."

"I sought a Life Coach after I lost my mother and I was coming to the end of my university course, however my motivation to complete the course was poor. I feared that I would not be able to complete it and my savings were running out so I couldn't afford to wait another year. Cornelia gave me the tools and strategies to overcome this challenge resulting in me completing my course and finding employment. I didn't know I could achieve such success before I discovered the power of positive affirmations and visualization that helped me keep focused on my goal. Cornelia showed me warmth and empathy and was non- judgmental towards me. This enabled me to talk freely and disclose personal information, which was important in order for me to address my weakness using appropriate tools. I enjoyed her sessions as afterwards I always felt energized and excited about completing my goals."

"Cornelia had a breakthrough during her first session with one of CDG's jobseekers. Cornelia is working with our customers to improve their confidence, motivation, identify skills and develop coping strategies.
Cornelia met with a jobseeker two weeks ago who was struggling with negative feelings and until then had not expressed any ideas about what sort of work he might like to pursue. During the session, Cornelia helped the jobseeker to dissect his skills and interests and they discovered that he would be interested to work in a health centre – in any capacity – and also that he has tiling skills, which he could both use and teach to others. This really shows the self-awareness that coaching can develop and also how sometimes some outside intervention can allow an individual to open up more than they might do with their advisors."
In the June 2013 Newsletter Success Story